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What are dreams? Little fantasy’s about girls you’ll never get near too, cars you’ll never drive and places you’ll never see? No, what if for once you woke up the next morning and actually tried to make one of those dreams come true, big or small. Buying your first little car or starting your own business. “If you have no dream, you have nothing”. How many times have you heard that? – probably not enough. Dreaming is something all of us do, settings goals and putting in the time to reach those goals and make our dreams come true, is something too few of us do. What if, you took one small thing that you’ve always wanted, sat down and worked out a plan for how you might be able to get whatever it is. What if, you set realistic goals, thought about ways to reach those goals and stuck to your plan throughout.Would you make you dream a reality? What you’d be doing, is taking a positive step in the right direction, you would be giving yourself an opportunity to beĀ  more than your usual self. You would have a reason to wake up in the morning, excited and ready to get going. You would have a reason to say no to going out and being an idiot for at least one night of the week, because you would know, that you were doing this for YOU.Nobody today, living their dream, got it given to them. They discovered what it was, put all their time and effort into pursuing it, went out to be all they could be, learned lessons along the way and succeeded in the end. When choosing a path for your life, make sure not to make money your focus, however it’s not wrong to want money, or to want to be stinking rich, but make sure you find something you love, and are passionate about, pump all your energy into it, be all you can be and nothing less, and regardless of what you are doing, it will pay off.
If you start off as a packer in a shop, make sure you are the best packer in that place, you’ll get somewhere. If you were given the opportunity to study, make sure that you follow your passion and don’t let anything else lead you besides that. If you wake up every morning and can think of nothing else but being a Photographer, then why study accounting? Every opportunity you are given to be all you can be, give it your all, it pays off. If you wake up every morning and can think about nothing else but helping your community or building homes for the poor, then go out and do that.
“Be all you can be, that’s all”
By Jared Buckley
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