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Published on November 2nd, 2010 | by Jared Buckley


A day in the life of a Curator

A day in the life of a Curator

A curator collects, maintains, and protect historical objects and aesthetic importance primary in museums, libraries, archives and private collections. You need to have an extensive knowledge of art and history to be a curator. Other useful basics are the understanding of museum studies, restoration techniques, physics, chemistry and public relations. In some employments you even need to know some foreign languages. As a curator you can become a museum vice president or even a museum president. But you can also become an art historian or college professor. The exact meaning of a curator is “the custodian of a collection” (as a museum or library). In general a curator is responsible for the safety and proper presentation of all the works in the museum, library, or at any place he has to do his job.

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