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Welcome matrics, students in the tertiary sector, successors, parents, sponsors and supporters. Gone are the days we sat back and waited for our success to come to us, gone are the days we complained about how scarce jobs are, gone are the days when we were negative. Now is the time to put yourself first, it’s never too soon to start working on your personal profile.

NO, not you’re CV, the YOU factor. Grow yourself as a person, “Express Your Individuality”, while at the same time put yourself out there for employers, investors and all to see. Let them come looking for YOU. Whether it be for jobs, bursaries or scholarships.

“To be head hunted or to look for work. Being head-hunted is far more fun and a lot less work than looking for a job. It is more exciting to receive job offers, to have prospective employers knocking on your doors than having to knock on theirs” taken from the book Raise Your Profile, by Jenny Handley
Today there are way more opportunities to become qualified individuals than when our parents were our age, bearing that in mind employers are now more than ever looking not just for qualified and experienced people, but for individuals. They are looking for Individuals that pay much attention to their self profile, their attitude, their personality and individuals, who are always looking to raise their game.

With all the technological advances, such as the internet, social networks and bad television there is much chance for young people to be lead astray. Sex, drugs ,rock and roll, there’s no limit nor age restriction. These days there are very few, mentors, positive influences and direct marketing campaigns targeted at growing students. You might not have the greatest home environment or safest group of friends but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, if you believe there is.

Our website provides students the opportunity to be part of a growing community of positive believers, believers in themselves. We have success stories, from accountants to teachers that will inspire you, articles for students by students, events calendar, community work that you can take part in, and loads of information from random to serious topics. There are blogs, themes, and a “Millionaire Club”, for all members that see themselves as young millionaires. If you seek advice from how to manage your finances to sex related issues have a look at our services page for a full listing of our services.

So go ahead, spend time on your profile and update it as you begin to see positive changes both in your in studies and in your personal life. There will be many upgrades to watch out for on our website from online test centers to chat room tutor sessions, even a mobi site and many more.

If you don’t have a dream, you have nothing…


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