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Published on January 18th, 2014 | by Siyabulela Maya


Tips on how to improve your study results

It is a Monday morning after a very nice weekend of partying and chilling with your mates. The energy is high and vibrant as everyone shares their weekend stories, some being short of labelled adventures. The laughter and chatting is brought to an abrupt stop as the maths teacher walks in. “Ah today’s first class is Math, GREAT!”, you think to yourself. To add to the excitement the teacher is carrying last week’s test result. The happiness and excitement from the weekend all disappears and is replaced by nervousness and anxiety. “I didn’t do well in the past two tests and if I don’t do well in this one then I might just not make the requirements for that B Com degree I so would like to study towards.”

The teacher starts calling out the marks of the top performers and your name is not there, not a surprise, but there goes Sam, first in class third time in a row. “Gee this guy is smart!” You think to yourself. As you are just about to give up your name is called and you just managed to pass. Like the usual everyone wants to discuss the test results especially those that did well and this is one of those discussions you would rather not partake in, so you stand in the background lost in your own thoughts while listening to everyone cheerfully discuss the test. While deep in thought you ask yourself, why can’t I be as smart as them…..?

The answer is simple, because we are all unique and hold unlimited potential to realize our dreams and full potential. The point of departure should be why am I not getting the result I would like to get? The response to that question would be a question which would go, do you have a set goal that you would like to work towards before writing any test and assignment? The power of goal setting helps us direct our efforts because our goals are a point of reference to ensure that our actions are still in line with our set goals.

I would like to clear something up at this point, you need to be a visionary and not just a dreamer. A dreamer is a person who would like to get 80% in the next test and goes out partying. It’s almost like wishing you were in New York and closing your eyes and opening them again hoping you would be in New York, not happening mate! No matter how hard you wish and how long you close your eyes you will most probably still be in the same place. A visionary however wishes they were in New York, closes their eyes to visualize where they would like to be and opens their eyes and takes appropriate action to ensure that they actually do end up there by saving money, buying a plane ticket etc. Therefore you want to be a visionary and not just a dreamer.

If a way of doing things has not been working then you need to find a different way of doing things to get a different result. You need to ask yourself why have I not been getting the results I want and how do I go about to ensure I get a different result. It might be that the reason the other guys are getting high marks is because they study four more hours than you for each test. If that’s the case you might want to study six more hours to ensure you get ahead. You might also want to seek a study partner to push in moments of doubt and help you through those challenging questions. You might also want to ask more questions in class (as nerve wrecking as it may seem) to ensure that your study time is shortened as you leave class with a firm understanding of the topic.

These are just a few tips of what you can do to achieve the success you want to achieve in your studies it all starts with ownership. Only you can improve the current level of performance you are currently in by actively seeking out assistance and being open to learning new techniques. You have all you need to succeed, it is just a matter of realizing and using it. Take some time to look within and you will be surprised how smart and intelligent you are when you apply yourself completely in whatever you do.

Tips on how to improve your study results Siyabulela Maya
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