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Published on January 20th, 2014 | by Jared Buckley


A day in the life of a Pilot


• As a pilot you will see more of the world.

• It’s an exciting job.

• Pilots deal directly with their passengers.

• Pilots will be recognized for their work.

A day

A pilot can find him/her self in a different country, culture, time-zone and climate everyday. They are the captain of an airplane and sometimes they will fly in airplanes with more than 200 people aboard. An airplane pilot carries considerable responsibility, risk, prestige and charm. They literally have the lives of all their passengers in their hands. Before taking off, a pilot has to review all data, the route and the weather conditions. They will also file a flight plan which has all the information about e passengers, cargo and the fuel on board. The latter is important, because the pilot also has to calculate the amount of the fuel needed to complete the whole trip and the takeoff speed. To calculate the amount they need to consider cargo, type of plane, weather, and many other factors. The flight activities will be coordinated with the ground crew, air traffic control and the crew members. Once taken off, the pilot will steer the airplane, use the radio to communicate with the air traffic controllers, monitor instruments and aircraft systems and request new flight path or altitude when necessary if the ride is bumpy or rough. Finally a pilot will land the airplane with help of the air traffic controllers.

A day in the life of a Pilot Jared Buckley
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