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Published on July 22nd, 2016 | by Jones


Get your public persona ready

Your what? Your public persona is the image your name presents to the world. This might not be something you need to worry about right now. But in the digital age this is the type of thing that matters. When you’re looking for a job after graduation, having an established public persona could count in your favour and put you a step ahead of your peers.

You need to think of yourself like a brand. When you usually think of a brand, you’ll probably think of a car or one of your favourite beauty products. This has to do with how the world sees you. It also, importantly for when you’re job hunting, impacts how Google sees you. And the reality is that before you get hired, you will be Googled. A hiring manager wants to see more than just your CV, they want to see a little bit of your personality, your achievements and your interests. They want to know whether you’ll fit into the company culture.

Your public persona is the image you project to the world. It’s your entire digital footprint extending from your first embarrassing Facebook update back in the day to that delicious meal you Instagrammed last weekend.

What is your public persona?

Google yourself and check what comes up. Do the first results indicate your work history, interest in learning about asset finance and commitment to weekend volunteer work? Or do the results show your likelihood to party and get trashed every weekend? Everything you do that ends up online contributes to your public persona. Everything that ends up online won’t necessarily have an impact on your ability to get hired or not. But you do need to be conscious of what you’re projecting to the world.

What can you do about it?

Now’s the time to get your social media ready to go job hunting. If your Facebook is filled with personal messages and party photos, increase your privacy settings. But make sure to keep your Twitter open. Don’t stop tweeting about your interests, opinions and hobbies. These give insight into your personality and could help you get hired. Just don’t enter into controversial debates about religion or politics. You should also be sure to start a LinkedIn profile, if you haven’t already done so. You can list your schools, any casual jobs and volunteer work. Recruiters use these to find employees, so be sure to check your profile for correct grammar and spelling. If you’re a creative, it’s essential that you have an online portfolio which you can link to on all your profiles and communications.

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