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5 ways to show you’re ready for management

Are you a go-getter and feel you have the ability to lead a team? Perhaps you want to make a difference at your company and know you’re the right candidate for the position. Do you have a few years of experience under your belt? Perhaps it’s your turn to move up the corporate ladder?

Bear in mind that a job well done in the working world isn’t like a standardised test. The work you’ve done in your current or previous job won’t always benefit you in the long run. So it’s important to always upskill yourself to gain necessary industry knowledge. If you want to succeed in your career and play a management role, you need to think about your plan to move up.

Seek advice from previous and current managers. Ask them what they did to get to where they are. What strategies and plans did they follow? If possible, ask whether they can mentor you. If you want to show you’re ready for management, it’s going to be all about your attitude and willingness to learn.

To make sure you always put your best foot forward, here are a few tips to show you’re ready for a management position.

Offer to lead

A key trait every good manager should have is to offer their time to lead a project or team. They don’t wait for someone to ask them to do a specific task, instead they step up and take responsibility for the challenge. A well-respected manager shouldn’t just be a leader but also team-orientated.

Tell others you want to grow

If you tell your managers and coworkers that you’re after a management position, they might help you achieve it. It’s important to be open about your ambitions. Sharing your goals with others will show or demonstrate drive. That way your manager can see your goals and might help you get where you want to be. And don’t think top management will be unwilling to help. They also have someone to report to, so if their team members are doing well, they’re doing well. So it’s always best to approach others and tell them you’re ready for management. Someone wanting to move into top management should always talk about their performance, strengths and areas where growth is needed.

Upskill yourself

Successful managers are usually the ones creating value for their companies. If you upskill yourself, you’re likely show stronger problem-solving abilities and a higher level of productivity. Managers are likely to pick this up easily and will then see you’re ready for management. You should take every opportunity to upskill yourself. Whether you’re doing management training or become Google Analytics certified, it’ll all help you become a better employee. Gaining new knowledge and upskilling yourself will make you a great candidate for promotions. Doing all these extra things to upskill yourself is key to a promising managerial career.

Take on small management tasks

There might be tasks that your manager won’t be able to get to. So, whenever you get the opportunity to take on a small management task, grab it with both hands. You can also find small ways to manage people or projects. It’s a chance to show you’re ready for a management position. By doing this, you’ll instantly build your management skills. You’ll also be viewed as a leader. To get these opportunities coming your way, you need to show that you’re ready to take on the extra responsibility. You can also ask your manager if there are any managerial tasks you can help with. Perhaps you can train the new hires or lead a few meetings.

Be professional

Remember if you’re a manager, you’ll have a team looking up to you. Your team will follow your example. So it’s important to always be professional, no matter what industry you’re in. Would you like to have a manager who arrives late everyday and misses deadlines? It’s important to be the manager you would like to have. You should demonstrate a good work ethic. And always try to be polite to your coworkers. It’s good to have a reputation of someone who everyone can trust. If you’re professional and the person coworkers can go to if they need something, you’ll be on the right path to move up.

Once you’ve learned the tricks and skills to be a good manager, you’ll prove that you can add value to your company. All this might take time but it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize and achieving your goals.

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