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Published on July 19th, 2017 | by Jones


How to make working from home easier

Where exactly are you working now? On your bed? In a local coffee shop down the road? If you make use of telecommuting, you’re part of this fast-growing trend in the modern workplace. But as any other workplace, making telecommuting part of your daily routine takes a lot of discipline and dedication.

Working from home isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sure, you get to work in your slippers, you won’t have any office politics to deal with and you won’t be stuck in traffic on your way to work. But that doesn’t mean life would be a bed of roses. There will be many distractions and it’ll sometimes be difficult to concentrate on the job at hand. Your working hours are likely to become a blur and if you aren’t careful, you might work day and night to catch up with the time you’ve lost.

So, if you decide working from home is for you, here are a few ways to make it easier.

Make your family understand

One of the most difficult things about working from home is setting boundaries with your family or roommates. You should make them understand that you can’t be disturbed during office hours. Hence why it’s also important to stick to regular office hours, which is usually from nine to five. So, set boundaries from the first day you work from home. And they’ll soon get used to the idea that you’re still an employee who’s just working from home.

Set up an office outside your home

Do you have a garage or extra room that’s empty? Why not revamp it into a home office instead of working from your bedroom? That way you’ll have fewer distractions and your family or roommates will know you’re busy when you’re in the office. A good way to separate your office from the home is to instal an industrial sliding door. It can help muffle outdoor and indoor sound, preventing what’s going on outside from being a distraction.

Keep consistent hours

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to stick to your normal office hours. So, get up in the morning and get dressed as if you’re going to work. Then, take your normal tea time and lunch break. There’ll be nights when you have to squeeze in some extra time for work but try to stick to your normal nine to five hours. It’ll help to draw the line between your work and personal life. That way you can separate things and make sure you’re not compensating on weekends or in the evening. With this, you should also avoid the temptation to do personal errands or housework during working hours. So, you can’t prepare supper or do your grocery shopping while working. Do it during your lunch break.

Get started early

It’ll be difficult to wake up early to work because your office is a few footsteps away, right? If you want to have a productive day, it’s best to start working early at your normal office time. You can wake up, have a cup of coffee and start working right away. Depending on your office times, of course. It’ll make working from home so much easier.

Don’t stay at home

Although you might have a home office, it’s still best to get out of the house now and then. Go to your local coffee shop or to the restaurant down the road. Find a WiFi enabled establishment with actual tables, chairs and people. It might stimulate the work environment for you. And if you don’t like the noise, you could always take your headphones with you. This will remove the distractions you’re likely to have at home. However, if you get easily distracted by noises and people, it might be best to work from your home office.

Always be reachable

If you’re not working for yourself, it’s important to always be reachable. Your manager won’t be there to keep an eye on you and it can become a problem if you don’t stay in touch. So, try to make it easier for your manager by being reachable whenever possible. That’s why it’s also important to work during working hours, that way your manager can reach you at that time. You should let them know when you’re not around or when you’re taking the day off. It’s important to keep yourself in check at all times, that way your boss doesn’t have to.

Try out these tips and you’ll find working from home to be easy. Remember to get plenty of fluids and eat healthily. And if you don’t exercise regularly, you might just want to move around whenever you can.

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