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Published on September 26th, 2017 | by Jones


How upskilling can lead to new career paths

Ever get the feeling that life and opportunities are passing you by? Perhaps you feel stuck in a job where there’s no room for promotion or maybe you spend your days on the internet looking for a new career options. The feeling of being stagnant in your career can be frustrating.

Does this sound like you? Well, then it may be time to take action. Whatever you do or wherever you go, the best thing to have in your back pocket is skills. This will enable you to do certain things, having conversations with people at your level and put you in competition with people at your intellectual level. Your abilities and expertise play a big role here.

With additional qualifications and skills, you could move onto opportunities that better align with your interests and goals. You should always try to expand your skills as often as you can. Whether you’ve just started off with your career, want to change career paths or just wanting to move further in your current role, upskilling can be your key to success.

Whatever route you want to follow, here are four ways how upskilling can help you find a new career path.

New opportunities

Once you’ve graduated, you find a promising career path by exploring new opportunities. Upskilling can unlock a vast amount of opportunities. Developing skills in your chosen field is a great way to access a network of people that can help you explore the options available to you. Expanding your skills in a specific industry enables you to have more knowledge, information and resources that will lead you to new opportunities. You can even upskill in a different industry that will increase your list of career paths available. For example, doing a financial course if you’re a non-financial manager gives you insight into how the business makes its profits or being a sales manager and doing a human resources course gives you an idea of how to manage your team better. If you’re learning and upskilling yourself,  doors will open for you.

Make yourself more valuable

The best employees are the ones creating value for their company. It’s also the hard-working ones who create profit for organisations. By upskilling, you’ll make yourself valuable for any business. People who upskill are likely to exhibit stronger problem-solving abilities, they’re more productive and have a better overall performance record. You’ll be able to work on your own but also in a team accomplishing several tasks. You’ll be useful to your business in a wide range of ways, making you a great candidate for promotions or applying for a higher position. So do what you can do but also do your best to improve your skills.

Reduce chances of redundancy

With technology advancements occurring on a daily basis more and more people are being replaced by automated processes and machines. And for that reason, it’s more important than ever to upskill yourself. You need to prove that you have the skills and knowledge to be there, making you better than a machine. Many companies seek to become more effective and efficient over time and employees who are demotivated are the ones that fall behind. Upskilling will give you the chance to show you have the necessary skills to do a specific job and that there’s no need to replace you. You have to improve your set of skills as technology progresses in order to be up to date and not be left behind. If your skills are outdated, you may be the first to feel the burden.

Make yourself future proof

There’s one word describing the workforce accurately: unpredictable. No position or industry is secure as you can be replaced within minutes. If you upskill yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to accumulate a variety of skills in different areas. If you’re seeking to transition your career, company or profession, future proofing can help with that. It’ll also allow you to switch career paths when the one isn’t working out. Part of upskilling is to ensure that your skills and knowledge are not only current but will also assist you in readying yourself for the future.

Do you think it’s time for you to upskill? You have a lot to learn, so pull up your socks and don’t put it off any longer. If you have already learned a new skill then you should feel proud and reward yourself for it. Upskilling will feed your determination and willingness to learn. Remember, you don’t only have to upskill in one specific industry but in many others too. Upskilling gives you the chance to develop new skills, making you more attractive to a prospective employer. You’ll no longer be passed over for interviews or promotions.


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