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Published on September 28th, 2017 | by Jones


Benefits of a creative career route

The working world is simultaneously increasing and declining with new career opportunities being created and others being replaced and automated. A creative career route is one of the few departments where robots and machines can’t go… yet. Not denying that machines are creative but understanding that a human element in the creative world – be it through words, images, music, graphic design or advertising – is where creatives establish an emotional connection with the world.

So, besides playing a vital role in the human experience, the career route of a creative should stand the test of time. There are a few other benefits too.


A benefit of working in a creative position is the ability to be flexible. Most creatives require self-expression in their clothing, demeanour and work environment in order to get their creative juices flowing.

If a company is willing to accommodate their creative employee’s wishes by working in remote locations, having flexible hours and being able to design their own creative process, there is more chance and space for productivity. It does take a lot of trust from the employer and a lot of responsibility from the employee to work remotely and have the luxury of flexible working hours but the results are generally worth it.

For a creative to choose their working environment, even if it’s once or twice a week, it opens their senses to the world around them and invites new ideas and inspiration. And what is the root of successfully creative ideas if not inspiration? Personally connecting to the world around them is a way of finding new solutions to establish a relationship with an audience through work material that is relatable. The creative career is all about designing the customer experience.  

Being creative

Working as a creative means that you get paid to be creative. Hopefully, it’s something that you love to do (because you’ve chosen to make a career out of it) and something you want to share with everyone.

The reality of being a creative means that you will always be working towards innovation and unlocking new ideas which are rewarding to the business as well as yourself. Opportunities to be creative may lead you to surprise yourself with what you’re capable of and that you can actually achieve more than you ever thought you could. The rush of being faced with a challenge to which you must find a viable and creative solution before the deadline is a great recipe for new ideas.

There’s always an opportunity to grow and outdo yourself in this competitive career and, while that may be incredibly stressful, it comes with great experience and learning curves that will help you in the future.

Networking and collaboration

Whether you have marketing courses or a graphic design qualification behind your name, there are so many different types of creatives out there and you’ll find that a lot of the time there is collaboration between the various departments.

One of the great benefits of choosing a creative career path is the collaboration with other creatives. One creative mind is amazing, but a room full of creative minds is life changing. Literally. A room of creatives have the ability to reach new innovative solutions to problems the world hasn’t even asked yet and the result may be beautiful. Even when creatives collaborate with different departments within a company there are possibilities of reaching a new way of approaching general problems.  

Through collaboration, there is the opportunity and also the benefit of building a creative network. And networks lead to business opportunities, learning new things and getting your name out there in the world wide creatives network.

To choose the career route of a creative is to choose business adventure and constant innovation through creation. Sounds like a whole lot of fun and opportunity for personal growth. And, in the future, you’re likely to still have a job that robots can’t do or you’ll be part of the team that creates a robot that can. Either way, it’s a creative win-win.

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