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Published on October 25th, 2017 | by Jones


Simplify your life

For most, their lives consist of checking a series of lists set out by those before them on how and when to achieve certain milestones and acquire certain big-ticket items. This includes when to get married, when to buy a house and what type of car you should drive. The problem is that most young adults entering their working years won’t be able to afford these things for quite some time. And once you can, the pressure is on to maintain that lifestyle.

There are ways to cut down on expenses and simplify the way you live in order to break away from the pressure of achieving and maintaining the life others expect. Without buying that house and car or spending too much money unnecessarily, you can elevate your current living situation without borrowing from your future.

Your career

While it’s still true that you need money to be able to live comfortably, and that your job should fund this lifestyle, the ultimate goal should be to build a career you enjoy. If this sounds like one of those cheesy posters of beautiful landscapes and inspirational quotes, don’t worry. Just because you choose a career you enjoy, doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard or that you can’t make money.

First and foremost, decide what it is that you’re good at and what brings you joy or satisfaction. You can do this by thinking back to scenarios where you excelled at something and enjoyed the process. Identify the core of this task. That will be an indication of what field you should pursue. Now, this doesn’t mean you should abandon your current job and start out at the bottom all over again. There are possibilities to take on a different job description within your current career path.

Your home

A similar thought process applies to your living arrangement. We all have a dream home, but this dream might not be the best one to apply to reality. This means that your dream home could possibly not be the most realistic option for you. And it might not even be what you really want.

Imagine yourself in ten years. You’ll likely imagine yourself on the career path discussed above. Where do you see yourself going after work? For instance, is it in the city or the countryside? Does it require constant maintenance or is it a lock up and go?

This is why your dream house might not be the house for you. So, your new dream house is one you can afford now and that fits the lifestyle and career you want to have. In other words, you need to consider the most simplistic house you’ll be comfortable with. This doesn’t mean the smallest, cheapest and simplest house on the market. Rather, the one you can see yourself living comfortably in. By scaling down your expectations of the dream house, you’ll feel less pressure to achieve it, which will likely improve your quality of life.

Your car

The next element in your life to simplify is your means of transportation. We all have that vision of us driving around in a luxury car wherever we go. Whether it’s the latest sports car, a big SUV or a vintage muscle car, most of these aren’t ideal for the lives we lead.

Think about what you use your car for. Do you travel around from one social event to another or do you mostly travel from home to work and back? In the latter case, you don’t need a big expensive car that uses a ton of fuel and requires a savings plan for services and repairs. You’ll likely be perfectly fine with a smaller, more economical car.

Evaluate your current and ideal future lifestyle. While you may be driving a lot of friends around at the moment, that might not always be the case. And while you might start or expand your family one day, is that close enough down the pipeline to merit a large family car now? Whatever you decide, you can lessen the pressure by applying for financing to aid in private car sales. After all, a second-hand car may be cheaper and will likely meet your medium-term needs.


Finally, it’s time to simplify your relationships with the people around you. This doesn’t mean cutting people out of your life on a whim. It simply means that you should rethink how you interact with people and how you enter into relationships.

There’s no use simplifying your life if your relationships still put unnecessary pressure on you. Start off by deciding exactly how you want to be treated. This can be tricky because you need to respect yourself and the type of treatment you deserve. Some self-love will go a long way with this one.

Once you know what you want from your relationships, you need to apply this knowledge. If someone treats you worse than you feel you deserve to be treated, be open and honest about it. Communicate this to the person and suggest working together to reach a better place.

Ultimately, the goal is to minimise any unnecessary pressure in your life. And the best way of doing this is by taking control of each aspect of your life and being honest and realistic about what you want.

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