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You don’t need a degree for that

If studying isn’t in the book for you financially or you would rather not waste the three, four or seven years stuck in student status. Or you just want to start earning your own money. Good news: there are other options. “No degree” doesn’t mean your only possible job is as a call centre agent or waitron. Most of these jobs will require some kind of training or short course, but nothing like a three-year degree. Here are some of those positions you can consider applying for.

Air traffic controller

This is an extremely serious job as you are responsible for ensuring that pilots and airplanes don’t collide, have a clear landing on the landing strip and take off at the right and safest time. If you’ve watched the movie Sully and the scene with the air traffic controller, you can get an idea of the weight of responsibility that is involved with this job.  

But, also for that reason, you would be earning a very decent salary. So if you consider yourself a successful multitasker, detail-oriented and communicative person, then this could be the job for you.  


So, to be the plumber and handy person around your house and client’s houses, all you need to do is finish a two-year paid apprenticeship. This will get you the elbow grease experience you need to start your own practice or go into a full-time working position. It’s an industry that’s almost always in demand and if you’re good with your hands, then why not give it a go?


Okay, performing arts in theatres itself will generally require some official drama or arts qualifications, but if you have some serious raw talent or defining features, there are other options. You could be a voice-over artist and use your impressionist skills or angel vocals to make some money and have some fun as well.

The entertainment industry is huge and there will always be castings you can go to for lead roles, extra roles, or modelling gigs for advertisements or even movies. If you sign yourself up with an agency, you have a better chance of filtering castings to ones that you are best suited for. And the best part about this is that you can use all your skills in your favor. You say you can do a cartwheel? That’s great, it might be the skill you have against other actors to land you the role. You can’t expect a stable income from this business, but it is great to make big cash quickly.


Developers are necessary in every business in the competing modern world and markets. This is an industry where you can teach yourself or complete an online course to make sure you know exactly what’s up with Java, C#, iOS, Android and PHP.

Digital marketing positions are also in demand, well paying and attainable with Google certifications or diplomas. Not a bad deal for people who love working on a computer all day and innovating ways to make a difference in the online world.

Flight attendant

If you’ve always wanted to be paid to travel the world, then become a flight attendant. No degree, just an intense training course to make sure you provide high-quality service and are aware of plane emergency protocols. It’s as simple as that.

Real estate agent

You can become a real estate agent and sell property by starting out as an intern agent and completing the experience course over one year. You’ll earn a decent salary, love the commission and get to walk around beautiful houses all day while convincing people that this is, in fact, their dream home.


Coaching a sport doesn’t always require a sport’s science degree. If you have valuable experience in a specific sport, you can apply, do the short training course if applicable and enjoy being involved in your favorite sport again.  

Your own venture

Maybe you want to start a blog with movie reviews or travel reviews or start your own company based on your amazing business ideas. Your own venture relies on the skills and knowledge you know you already have and are capable of perfecting. And if you’re a pro in one department, but not so much in another, there are short courses that can help you. Like the finance for non financial managers course that will certainly help you out if you aren’t sure how to get started.

Why you don’t necessarily need a degree

You don’t necessarily need a degree because of all the online qualification options out there and, let’s be honest, student debt is a heavy burden that no one wants to find themselves with.

Another possible issue with studying a three to four-year degree is that by the time you finish studying and enter the working world, the industry has evolved and you’re stuck with your 2nd edition 2015 textbook’s information. You might as well find an online short course or start working for a company in the industry you want to go into and do the training courses. That experience will perhaps prove more useful than a possibly outdated degree.  

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