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Published on November 3rd, 2017 | by Jones


It’s okay not to know what you want to do one day

It seems as if the world is on your case about what you want to study when you leave school and then, after school, what you want to do with the rest of your life (career-wise) when you finish studying.

Take a moment and listen closely: It’s okay not to know what you want to do one day!

Majority of those people who are constantly asking and on your case about it went through the same phase of their life and were feeling just as overwhelmed as you are. But it’s okay. And here’s why.

You’re not alone

You aren’t the first, the only, or the last person who is going to be clueless in terms of your future for the rest of humanity’s existence. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do because the majority of people in the world don’t know either and it’s all about figuring it out.

Not very many people answer, as children, that they want to be a veterinarian (vet for short because our child brains couldn’t comprehend such a big word), doctor or policeman, and end up following through to adulthood. For those who do, good for you. But for those of us still figuring it out, just keep exploring.   

You have an opportunity for self-discovery

Not knowing means you have the opportunity to try new things, figure it out and do some soul searching at the same time. If it comes to the end of your degree and you feel like Jon Snow (in other words: you know nothing), apply for honours to specialise or do some online courses. This world is overflowing with things to learn and you can really just learn about anything that interests you.

Otherwise, you can take this time out to figure out life by diving into the working world and getting some basic work and life experience. If you have a passion for the welfare and care of others, get some volunteering experience at Medécins Sans Frontières or work at a local charity. Find something in those experiences that maybe speak to something you’d be interested in doing and exploring further.

Do the whole waitering, DVD store (well, if there are any left), pizza delivery side jobs at least once in your life. They’re terrible and you’ll have more fun working for an events or promotions company. Just put yourself out there and get into any and every industry if possible. It doesn’t take long for you to realise what you despise doing and what you actually enjoy. Every experience will contribute to you figuring out what you wouldn’t mind doing one day.

You’ve got options for days

Luckily for you, you are growing up in a world of constant change and technological development. This means that every day offers new opportunities, new consumer demands to be met, new job openings and new job descriptions. The chances of you finding a highly specified position, based on the certain things you like from different departments, is not entirely impossible. And if a company digs what you’re selling of yourself, they may even create that position for you.

You can even work more than one job and ensure that you get to do everything you want to. You can be as flexible as you choose to be when it comes to working. Stick with the companies that make you happy and leave behind the ones that give you problems. It’s your future and well-being that you’re concerned with.

You don’t have to make it permanent

As just mentioned, you work through jobs until you’re happy and find something that sticks. It’s okay to not know what you want to do one day because, chances are, it’s not going to only be that one thing.

The only permanent things in your life should be your qualifications, your family, your marriage and your tattoos. Your job doesn’t have to be permanent, your profession doesn’t have to be permanent and your specialisation doesn’t have to permanent. You, along with the world, are constantly growing and it’s an amazing thing.

You’re allowed to do your own thing

After having some time to figure out your business interests and building working-world experience, you could even go and do your own thing. Start your own business venture and become the next millennial entrepreneur to hit the streets.  

Another fact that makes it okay is that you have your whole life to figure this out. There are people in their forties still trying to answer this question. But the important thing is that you keep doing something and enjoy the process of figuring it out. Life is unpredictable and you also never know what is going to happen. But you can’t adopt a defeatist attitude because of it. You, and everyone else, have to start somewhere. That’s why it’s okay.

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