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Find a career from the future

With the direction the world is taking and the rate at which technologies are developing and social standards are changing, there’s no doubt that the future is going to require more specific, specialised and personalised occupations.

We will be looking at some new careers that can be expected. Careers that will be in demand as well as some occupations that relate to developments in AI and robot technology.  

Qualifications for the future

The future is full of new opportunities when it comes to careers. But, before we get to the careers, degrees and qualifications come first.

  • International business or international finance
  • Bioinformatics
  • Engineering of any discipline
  • Environmental science or sustainability
  • Health information technology or public health
  • Computer science
  • Information technology security
  • Instructional design

The future is geared towards making the world a better place concerning safe and convenient technology, efficient health advancements and general sustainability. There is so much to learn, develop and change in this world and if you want to be a part of the movement, you need to find the qualification that will complement your current skills.

And if you want to give your kids a head start, sign them up for computer courses at an early age and watch them change the world.

Careers of the future

The chances of there being new future careers discovered or in demand by the time this article is published are pretty likely. But this will at least give you some kind of an idea of the types of employees there will be in the future. Maybe you find a niche to start your own business, who knows?

Already in today’s society, we can acknowledge how personalisation is the future of marketing and pretty much every consumer interaction. So it’s no surprise that there are openings in the areas of providing personal physical health, finance, personal data and mental health services.

Careers providing personal care:

  • Fitness commitment counselor
  • Personal memory curator
  • Personal data broker
  • Financial wellness coach
  • Digital tailor

Two words: customer experience. Providing the customer experience that consumers are longing for, requires the building of relationships. With these positions, companies will be able to know exactly what customers want and can directly respond.  

Careers revolving around relationships:

  • Chief trust officer
  • Ethical sourcing manager
  • Genetic diversity officer
  • Walker/talker
  • Virtual store Sherpa

Obviously, there is a market for technological experts in the future. Technology will, basically, be running our lives but there need to be people to ensure that it is, in fact, there for us to use. And the role of a tech ethicist is quite interesting. They are responsible for analysing the ethics around humans and technology. For example, the concept of designer babies and who gets parental rights over them.

Careers concerning technology:

  • Cyber city analyst
  • Data detective
  • Master of edge computing
  • Quantum machine learning analyst
  • IT Facilitator
  • Augmented reality journey builder
  • Tech ethicist

Current careers in future demand

There are certain careers and professionals that we will need in our societies no matter what. And, in the future, should you be in one of these careers, you will likely earn more by then or just be, generally, more relevant.

  • Agriculturists: Responsible for food production
  • Computer systems analysts: Responsible for computer technology developments
  • Nurse practitioners: Responsible for care, treatment and diagnosis
  • Medical managers: Responsible for coordinating health services
  • Geoengineers: Responsible for weather control and global warming management

Careers and robot technology

Not everyone is 100 percent certain about artificial intelligence and robot technology. But it is a reality that we are being exposed to and the ideas of the future of AI technology are already being revealed. Naturally, the future will need people to help with AI integration into businesses and everything else that goes with adjusting to technological changes in everyday life.

Careers regarding robot/AI technology:

  • Man-machine teaming manager
  • AI business development manager
  • AI-assisted healthcare technician
  • Highway controller

There will also be jobs that will be replaced by AI technology in the future.

Jobs replaced by robots/AI technology:

  • Telemarketers
  • Loan officer
  • Cashier
  • Paralegal
  • Fast food cook

What’s important to remember in this world of change, is that it will likely happen in stages. You won’t wake up one morning and all of a sudden not recognise the world you live in. There are already signs of future technology being used today – in small ways like smart cars, online customer support and home devices. These are all things we can wrap our heads around and, as the future comes to life, we will have the mental capacity to deal with it.

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