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Why you need a car on campus

The life of a student can be both an exciting and overwhelming one. You have numerous assignments, several classes to attend and, most likely, parties to enjoy with friends. However, if you have a car on campus, you are able to quickly move to and from classes and even go to the library on the weekends if you need to research and study. Read below for more reasons why having a car on campus is ideal for students of any age.

It puts you in control of your time

University life can be challenging and it involves having to juggle a hectic schedule. This alone is difficult, but having to rely on public transport can make it even more stressful. This is where a car can come in handy.

Once you have found the perfect vehicle, such as a used VW Polo for sale, you will notice how much better your time management becomes. You will no longer have to wait for the bus or taxi to take you to and from campus, and you can zip down to the shops in your own time to buy groceries and essentials. Being able to make these short trips without having to time them according to bus schedules clears up more time for study and socialising.

It will give you more freedom

Have you ever felt like going to a park, a shopping centre or to the movies with your friends over the weekend but have put it off because you dread using public transport? If you answered yes, then having a car on campus is your ideal solution.

No matter how big or small your car is, it will give you the freedom to do as you please, when you please. Being in a residence on campus already allows you a certain amount of independence but having a car increases this. You will be able to make trips when you please, and save money on bus transfers and taxi fare. Your shopping trips or trips to the campus library can be longer too, as you will not have to time them according to shuttle or bus schedules.

You can go home for family occasions

Sometimes, public transport leaves much to be desired when it comes to long-distance travel. This means that it may be difficult or unpleasant to travel home for family events or special occasions, making you miss out on these moments.

If you are lucky enough to live within a drivable distance from your university to your home, then owning a car will make to easier to go home for events such as parents’ or siblings’ birthdays. You will also be assured that your trip is safe, because you as the driver are in control. If there is a family emergency, you will also be able to make it up sooner than you would when having to book bus or shuttle tickets.

It will help you save money

Having a car does mean you will incur petrol and maintenance costs, but it also means that you are able to shop around in terms of where to buy groceries and school supplies. The campus bookstore might be great in terms of stocking textbooks, but their stationery prices tend to be quite high.

By being able to leave campus and shop at discount stationery and grocery stores, you will end up spending less on these items. The campus store or tuckshop may provide meals to satisfy hunger but having a car means you can buy groceries for proper, healthy meals and even buy appliances to fit into your digs or residential room. Having to sit on a bus or shuttle holding your shopping is also an unpleasant and cramped experience, which a car will eliminate.

You can avoid extreme weather conditions

The South African sun can be merciless, which makes walking or taking the shuttle to and from classes an unbearable experience. If you have your own car with air conditioning or even manual windows, driving to and from campus will not leave you feeling tired and sweaty.

During winter, having to trudge through rain and cold is not ideal but driving eliminates the need to do so. You can also help your friends who may need to walk by offering them lifts or starting a lift club. Be sure to ask them for a contribution to petrol, in order to save money rather than spend too much on petrol costs. On very cold days you can turn up the heater and stay warm before having to brave chilly lecture halls or tutorials.

Final verdict

Having a car on campus is highly beneficial, but you should remember to set aside money for a service and any maintenance costs. Be sure to check the vehicle policies and rules of your university and have all the necessary documentation in order before you start parking and using your car on campus. You will be amazed at how much more freedom and independence a car can give you, so you should seriously consider looking into a used car for your student years.

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