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Published on April 24th, 2018 | by Jones


Why you need to understand computers to do your job

Whether you work in the tech department or not, you need to understand computers to a certain extent in order to do your job. Most jobs in the world require the use of a computer at some point or another. You may not have to sit in front of a PC all day, but there may be admin to do on your laptop later that night. You need to check emails, skype with clients and be able to do research online. Let’s explore all the reasons why you need to understand computers in a little more detail, shall we?

Organising and work purposes

There aren’t many companies that rely on a paper trail anymore and almost all of a company’s information is stored in the cloud. In fact, many companies choose to work purely online and make use of Google’s office applications that save automatically onto a shared drive. This means immediate access for everyone for anything that is created through a company’s Google Drive account.

Working with computers makes admin and office organisation neater, easier and readily accessible. There are no loose pages, lost information sheets or “clutter pages” taking up a workspace. The ability to share these documents with more than one person is also made possible. And there is no worry about losing the originals or struggling to make copies.

You need to understand the basics of how computer file systems work in order to, well, actually do your job and have it saved and filed on the system. It’s the way that the majority of the businesses of today are operating.

Internal software and communication systems

Then we get to the fact that punching in your card isn’t applicable to most companies anymore. There are a variety of internal software that businesses use to keep track of the hours their employees have worked. More than that, software is a more reliable system for applying for leave, recruiting potential employees, assigning tasks and tracking project progress.

So far we’ve covered you needing to understand computers in order to, A, do your job and B, log your time to let your employers know you’ve been doing (and have done) your job. But within the topic of internal systems is internal communication systems.

Email, online messaging applications and Skype are how people communicate within an office. When most of your work needs to be done through a computer, it makes it easier to communicate through computer software and applications as well. It’s instant messaging with a network of colleagues who can communicate with each other without being distracted by their phones. It’s a quick switch from one internet browser window with your work on it, to another with your emails.

And it’s not only internal communication networks that communicate through online or software applications. It’s an easy (and traceable) way to communicate with clients when phone calls aren’t necessary or there’s a lot of detail to be mentioned and saved for future reference.

The future is digital

But the main reason why it’s important to understand computers to do your job is that the future is digital. Computers will only develop and be designed to be more complicated, even though it’s to make processes less complex. Everything will require the use of a computer or smart device and if you can’t understand the basics, you’ll only fall behind.

Recruiters already look for candidates who are computer literate because it’s simply an important skill to have. But at the rate technology is developing, you should consider taking IT courses to further your understanding of how it all works. The more you know, the more you can apply to your job and perform better.

There are two-year-olds who can operate their parents’ smartphone. You don’t want to be an adult trying to make it in a relevant industry and not know how computers work. They will be the base of most jobs you apply for. Even as you get promoted and work your way up the corporate ladder, the amount of computer-related work you do will only increase.

You need to understand computers to stay relevant in the world.

Less frustration when things “don’t work”

Also, if you understand computers well enough, you won’t be as frustrated when things “aren’t working”. You can save time and money lost from not being able to use your computer or hiring a technician to sort the problems out for you, as you’ll have the necessary skills to do it yourself. You will have more attractive qualities as an employee and prove to be a more valuable asset to the company with your IT computer skills.   

The world is better when you understand it and the same applies to computers in the workplace. It will only better your work experience and help you fit in with the rest of the company’s processes. That’s why you need to understand computers to do your job.

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