Dream Big 5 skills you need for a career in marketing writing

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5 skills you need for a career in marketing writing

Searching for a career that resonates with your passion is somewhat daunting. Some people get the opportunity to work in a career they enjoy while others struggle through life by simply ‘getting by’.

When you’re fresh out of university, that is not the approach you should have, especially since you are young with years of opportunity ahead of you. So, if you studied business or marketing and enjoy the writing aspect of these industries then content creation or copywriting could be the career for you.

With so much competition out there, and little professional experience, the legwork that comes with getting paid to write can be intimidating at first. But if you keep in touch with influential people, share your work online and practise a few important skills to get you known, then you’re off to a good start.

Here are few tips you’re going to need to conquer.

Learn the different social skills

Whether it’s a generalisation or not, most writers are introverted and prefer to express (or sell) themselves in writing rather than in verbal words. However, when you’re starting out and looking for work, you will need to sell yourself verbally. It’s important to develop social skills in order to communicate effectively and networking is an opportunity to connect with people and share your talents. If you struggle with opening up and speaking in general, you’re going to have to try hard to break out of your shell. Speaking to people in a professional networking circle is not about how witty, cool or funny you are. It’s about selling yourself and offering your services, even it’s unpaid. Anything to build your network and get your name out there.

Speak up about what you want

Much like social skills, you need to be able to speak up and voice your worth. Selling yourself takes plenty of confidence, but if you desperately need a job once you graduate, you will need to ask for opportunities wherever you can. If you’re active on social media, tell your network that you’re interested in freelance or permanent positions. Also, remember that you’re not going to land your dream job in the beginning stages of your job hunt. So, get ready to settle for whatever you can get in the beginning of your career.

Try and be resourceful about your skills

If you didn’t graduate with a writing degree, don’t feel disheartened about your career choice. If you’re passionate about writing and you can show the world how good you are at it, don’t give up. Every industry is different. Of course, in order to become a doctor, you would have had to go to medical school. However, more creative positions can be learned. So, in order words, learn to be resourceful. If you can show a potential employer that you are worth the hire because of your flexibility and willingness to adapt, they might take your word for it. Some people might be more talented than others when it comes to writing, but it’s certainly a skill that can be learned, adjusted and tweaked as you go along.

Start practising your marketing skills

Since everything happens online nowadays, it’s important to be marketing savvy if you want to break into the digital marketing and advertising world. With the latest technology innovations, things change in the blink of an eye, therefore you need to keep up to date with everything that is happening around you.

Once you understand the different marketing skills that are important to modern business, you can start a blog or portfolio that showcases your writing abilities. This is also a great opportunity to engage your readers and show them how well you actually do write. When people start to notice and comment on your work, you will become more confident in your abilities.

 Get to know more about SEO

Now, if you’re going to market yourself to the digital space, you need to become familiar with the different marketing tactics. While this term has certainly been a buzzword for quite some time, it’s about time you learn about it if you haven’t already. These are the things that potential employers will be looking at. Usually, business writing skills training is something that you learn at college or university, and it will cover these topics to give you a basic understanding of it is and how it currently works.

If your personal website ranks high on Google, it will look good to recruitment companies and anyone looking to hire a writer. And, if you’ve created your own blog but can’t seem to get any traction, then you should consider guest posting. This can always help with branding and to beef up your portfolio.

Keep your head above water

In writing, particularly, it’s important to have a thick skin. The reason for this is because most writers are writers for the love of it, not only for the money. When people reject you based on your writing abilities, you’re bound to take it personally. During these times, you need to keep a level head and brush off the negativity. If someone is giving you constructive criticism, then embrace it, but otherwise learn from your mistakes and always remember that there are going to be people who disapprove of your writing or skills. But, for every rejection, there will be someone who appreciates you waiting around the corner.

Be persistent. Always.

Lastly, keep being persistent. It’s not always ‘you’ that’s the problem. In such a competitive environment, there is always going to be people who are better and more experienced than you are. Especially when you start out. Don’t give up because of one rejection. Adjust your strategy and try again and again.


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