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Fashion staples every student on campus needs

It doesn’t take first-year students very long to realise that running a fashion show every day of the week for classes is ridiculous. Within the first week, you’ve pretty much worn all the clothes you were able to bring from home. You also realise that no-one actually cares much about what you’re wearing or the fact that you’ve worn the same pair of jeans four days in a row.

For campus, there are a few fashion staples every student should own. These items are “on trend”, simple and easy to alternate with on a daily basis. They’re also practical in terms of a campus environment.  


An obvious staple in any person’s wardrobe regardless of who or where they are. But, mostly for students. Sneakers are practical shoes for campus because you walk around all the time. And it’s not just on campus but around campus as well to student houses, grocery stores and malls that you walk to too.

University is about walking when it’s not about learning and that couldn’t be more true. That’s why you need a pair of comfortable and durable sneakers. Ones you can wear every day. White sneakers go with pretty much everything, but so do black sneakers. Have one, or both, and you’re footwear options are good to go every day.

T-shirt and jeans

So, what the rest of your outfit comes down to (once you have your sneakers) are t-shirts and jeans. According to both women’s and men’s fashion tips, everyone needs a plain t-shirt and jeans outfit. On campus, this is pretty much all you’ll need.

Jeans are comfortable, can be worn more than twice a week before being washed (if you don’t mess on them of course), can be dressed up or down, and will go with anything else you wear. T-shirts are the easiest to throw on in the rush to your 8 am lecture. And with all the different neck styles, colours and graphics, no-one will realise that you’re essentially wearing the same outfit on campus all the time. And when it starts cooling down in winter, pullover jerseys are your friend. They’re the winter t-shirt staple you’re going to be making use of.

Your top three fashion staples for campus are your sneakers, your t-shirts and your jeans. You can live without the rest that we’re about to talk about. But you’re going to want to buy them anyway because, well, new things are always welcome.

A raincoat

The weather app isn’t always accurate and while you’re generally prepared for the cooler seasons, it’s always good to have a raincoat on hand. Being surprised by rain showers isn’t fun when your hair, textbooks, phone, computer and outfit is about to be ruined. Find yourself a simple raincoat that can be thrown over whatever you’re wearing.

And if you aren’t into the noisy raincoat material, the least you can do is have a reliable and warm winter jacket with a hood. Otherwise, you’ll still get really wet.

Something smart

Most of your wardrobe may still be sitting at your parent’s house and there’s hardly ever a reason to get dressed up on campus. But, there may be a short-notice occasion that requires a little more effort than the norm.  

Your jeans may still be useful if you pair it with a smart shirt or blouse, maybe some pointy shoes or heels. But chinos are also an option for the guys and skirts and dresses an option for the ladies. You need to have at least one “smart” thing in your student closet and you’ll generally be able to piece an outfit together with the rest of your staples.

A few accessories

The last few fashion staples you need on campus are a bag, a watch and a hat.

  • Bag: Backpacks are popular on campus because they’re able to fit all your belongings in them. But you need one that’s going to last and not look like a high-school bag. Leather is a durable and fashionable option. Otherwise, sports branded bags (to match your sneakers) will also do the trick. Ladies, if you ever feel your t-shirt and jeans outfit is too plain, make a statement with your bag. Be loud in colour and design and it will complete your outfit.
  • Watch: Yes, you’re on your phone the entire day and it does tell time. But you can’t exactly wear your phone and look cool in doing so. One watch for all outfits is all you need.  
  • Hat: And a hat. Hats are necessary for all those bad hair days you don’t have time to fix in the mornings. Beanies, bowlers, baseball caps, baker boys and fedoras are the hats you want to be looking at if you’re concerned about being fashionable in the accessories department.

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