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How to mentally recover from your first car accident

Being involved in an accident is something that nobody wishes on anyone. Be it a fatal accident or a minor bumper bashing, car accidents are stressful and scary to experience. More serious car crashes, on the other hand, can lead to psychological issues which could take some time for you to recover from.

Any accident has the ability to affect your mental and physical well-being for quite some time. Especially if you’ve never experienced something as traumatic, it’s completely normal to feel disturbed, upset and emotional for a few days. If, by any chance you caused a fatal collision, dealing with it will never get easier. But, if you ever want to get behind the wheel again, you need to consider the following:

Identify that it’s normal to go through shock: After an accident, you might feel light-headed and faint. This is completely normal. Your body is experiencing shock, which is causing an increase in adrenaline in your bloodstream. In fact, it might even feel like you’re in a dream. So, in these moments, sit down and take time to recover from your shock. Whatever you experience, know that it’s completely normal.

Follow all medical advice: If you’ve undergone an injury during your accident, having medical aid is imperative for your recovery. If you do have medical aid and have been admitted to a hospital, make sure that you adhere to the instructions and rules that your medical company has advised post hospitalisation. These events are costly, but the price should never play a big factor in your healing process. When you are recovering from a serious incident, you need to heal properly and recover 100 percent.

Take it easy: If you feel the need to stay at home, speak to a professional or spend time with your family. Take the time you need to recover fully before getting back to work and your responsibilities. Mental recovery will certainly take longer than expected, but just take things slowly and don’t force yourself into anything. Listen to your body and always remember that your recovery is vital to your future health.

Seek therapy: There is nothing too big or too small that defines whether or not you can consult a professional for help. Everyone responds differently to events, and if you’re already struggling to keep your head above water in your already stressful life, then having a car accident is not going to make things easier. Psychologists will also be able to speak to you if you’re feeling nervous about getting back into a car. And, if you feel the need to seek help for your physical condition, a physiotherapist or chiropractor will help you to improve mobility, ease the pain and relax your muscles or joints.  

Contact a lawyer: The financial pressure that comes with an accident is a headache on its own. Be it vehicle repairs, medical bills or more, speak to a lawyer in these times. Some car insurance companies refuse to pay out, therefore having a professional who can guide you in your movements will be the best possible help. If you need to purchase a safer, more reliable vehicle then take a look at cars for sale in Gauteng and surrounding areas. You will be able to find something that fits your budget and is safe.

Report every detail to the insurance: By now, this should have been taken care of, but for any future cases, make sure you report every detail of the accident to your insurance immediately. First-time accidents are extremely stressful, as you’re likely to be shocked and unable to function properly. However, you will need to document everything to ensure that the legal process goes as smoothly as possible.  

Find the courage to get behind the wheel: Finding the confidence to get back in a vehicle and behind a wheel is going to be a lengthy process. However, you cannot simply refuse for the rest of your days. Unfortunately, driving to and from work is the way many people can get around, so start slowly and with someone who you trust. If you feel anxious while driving, pull over and calm down. Everyone makes impulsive decisions when they’re angry, sad or nervous, so rather pull over and be safe than sorry. Try and keep a positive attitude as much as possible, as this will help you to deal with your fears.

Final words:

Car accidents happen in the blink of an eye. No matter how cautious you are, there will always be that one time when something is completely out of your hands. Also, there is no amount of education that will completely stop these horrible accidents from happening in your life. While it might feel like things are never going to improve once you’ve found yourself in one of these situations, you need to keep your head up and keep trying. Speak to someone if you need to and try and find acceptance again. With the right support, you will be able to overcome a scary event and keep a level head as much as possible.


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