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Published on May 11th, 2018 | by Jones


Reasons why you need a car out of high school

Not everyone manages to get a car while in high school. Fitting in driving lessons and finding the confidence to drive yourself to school in front of all your peers isn’t always the best thing for everyone. And there’s no shame in waiting until after high school to get your licence, a car and start driving yourself around.

But it’s important not to leave it for too long after high school. Not only will you want to have your own car at some point, but you’re going to need it as well. Even if you basically live on campus.

Start with a driver’s licence

An obstacle for most teens, when it comes to driving a car, is getting the actual driver’s licence. So many times people fail and are discouraged. Not to mention the listless process of going for lessons, driving with incredibly strict checks that no-one implements in real life driving and never really learning how to parallel park.

There are many reasons why some people choose not to do their driver’s licence as soon as they turn 18 or right after high school. And, most of the time, it has to do with the fear of failing, fear of driving itself or simply giving up after one too many defeats.

But once you pass your drivers test, there’s a newfound confidence and motivation to have your own car. And that’s kind of where grown-up life begins.

Build self-confidence

Having a car out of high school will build your self-confidence. First of all, your parents trust you enough to buy you a car, even if it is a humble old car from secondhand car dealers for insurance purposes.

Driving also builds self-confidence because you start becoming self-efficient and realising that you can, sort of, take care of yourself.

Gain independence and freedom

This leads us to the reasons of gaining independence and freedom. When you get your car, it’s more than just about being able to drive yourself to where you need to be. It becomes trips to the doctor, dentist, grocery store, bank and pharmacy, all on your own. No mother or father to go in with you, do it for you or wait outside until you’re done.

You are in charge of your errands and to-do list and, now that you have a car, it’s time to do it without the adult supervision you’re used to. But cars are good for more than just running errands yourself. Having a car means you now have the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want to.

You are now an independent driver and teenager. The reason you need a car is so that you don’t have to rely on your parents or be the one keeping your parent’s schedules busy. You’ll be giving them some free time and can even help them out every once in a while with a grocery run or transporting your younger siblings to and from school.

You don’t have to rely on your parents or older siblings to get you where you need to be. And that means you can’t blame them for being late anymore. Which brings us to the next reason why you need a car after high school…  

Learn about responsibility

Having a car teaches you to be responsible for getting to appointments and work on time. It also teaches you responsibility when it comes to having passengers and going out. Being responsible on the road is incredibly important and when you have your own car (which you’re responsible for looking after), you realise how responsible drivers need to be.

You can’t drink and drive, text and drive, be exhausted and drive, drive over the speed limit, have your passengers be in your car without wearing their seatbelt, drive recklessly, not be aware of pedestrians and you can’t not be aware of the other (irresponsible) drivers on the road.

If you aren’t responsible, you risk your lives and the lives of others around you. Driving is one way to learn the seriousness of being responsible, which is something everyone should know.

Increase job opportunities

Last on our list of reasons why you need a car out of high school is that it increases your opportunities when looking for a job. You may be taking a gap year to work or working part-time between your studies, there are more options with a car.

When you put together your very empty-looking CV to hand out to restaurants and other out-of-school work establishments, you’ll want to at least have “own car” and “driver’s licence” on there. In fact, many employers like to be sure that employees have their own means of transport. It promises reliability and accountability to get to work on time and not have to call in sick or reschedule shifts every week because of transport issues.

Need we say more?

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