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How to ensure you’ll land your dream job one day

There are a select few people in this world who know exactly what they want to do one day and where they want to end up. For others, it may take a while before we know what our ideal career will be. But we figure it out along the way until we are certain of what our dream job would be.

Regardless of when you figure this out, there are things you can start doing now already (even if you have no clue). These practices will ensure that you do land your dream job one day when the time is right. Everything you do between now and then will have an impact on your future career. Yes, even if it’s in an entirely different industry. You can’t replace experience. And that’s where we’ll start.

Always choose experience 

Every bit of experience will count for something in the long run and every job will teach you a new skill (even if it’s not a skill related to the job). For example, if you work as a waitron for a few months, you have the opportunity to learn skills of customer service, management and communication with superiors. All of which, placed in the context of a different industry, can be relevant.

When you start job hunting, once you’ve finished your degree or during your gap year, don’t let salary be a motivator. That will come when it needs to. Right now, as someone with no other work experience behind their name, you need a job and you need the experience. Internships are always a great place to start, especially since many of them turn into permanent positions afterwards.

Always choose experience over anything else. The more experience you have, the better chance you have of landing your dream job one day. And no experience is wasted experience. There will always be something to learn and take with you at the end of it all.

Excel where you are

Another practice to start implementing is to excel at where you are right now. It may not be the industry or position you want to be in for the long run. But you’re here now and the better you perform, the better your chances of promotions, raises and excellent recommendations when you decide to move on.

Be the best at your job and always work hard. Those things are noticed, not only in the office but in the industry as a whole and that could lead to your “foot in the door” moment. It’s also good practice for when you do land your dream job. Just because you reach the goal, doesn’t mean you can afford to stop working hard for it.

Never stop learning

Wherever you can, take a course, do a training programme and study further. There will always be new things to learn about and different departments to understand. If you want to own a company one day, you’re going to need to understand what everyone does and how their jobs can drive success in the business.

Regardless of what your career goal is, it would benefit every person to do business management training courses. With business management training, you will be able to step up in team situations, manage projects effectively, know how to make business decisions and work with the benefit of the business in mind. And those are all things that can be done in any job position and will lead to great career options in the future. It’s not only about learning new skills, but also developing them further as well, which is why it’s important to never stop learning.

Stay up to date

If there is any sort of technology that your company or the company you work for uses, it is in your best interest to stay up to date with the latest technology and software. Be the person who steps up with a solution to business program problems and you’ll be the one people come to for strategic business advice.

You should also stay up to date with industry news. Be on top of what the competitors are doing in order to stay one step ahead and be the first to deliver news of updates that affect the company. Stay up to date and be ready to supply solutions to problems based on what’s trending and suitable for the business. That’s one way to get noticed.  

Never forget to network

And you want to be noticed in order to start your network. Through all your years of experience changing between jobs, companies and industries, you’re going to meet a lot of important people. And you’re going to want those people to remember you. Networking is one of the most important aspects of business and achieving dream jobs. In the majority of industries out there,  it’s all about who you know before it’s about who you are. So, don’t forget to network.

Landing your dream job is not an impossible task if you prepare for it from your first day on any job. Never lose sight of where you want to be and you’ll get there.

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