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How to create a cosy bedroom for winter

Winter is the time of year when you can cover yourself in layers of warm clothing and sip on hot chocolate that is sprinkled with delicious, tiny marshmallows. It is also the time of year that becomes icy at night, requiring warmer blankets, thicker curtains and winter sheets. If you are unsure of where to even start with getting winter ready, read on below for some helpful advice on creating a cosy bedroom for winter.

Get snuggly

A duck or goose down duvet is the ideal bedroom accessory in this weather. Invest in a down duvet to ward off the chill, but if you cannot afford a genuine down duvet, then you could opt for a duvet or comforter that is made specifically for warmer weather. You could even look into an electric blanket.

A thick quilt made from a plush material or a throw that doubles as a blanket are also great options for a smaller student bedroom, as down duvets tend to be larger in size than regular ones. You should be sure to match your bedroom curtains to the bedding, opting for curtains that are thicker and lined to keep out the cold winter air at night.

Pump up the plush

Another effective way to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom is to pile plush cushions on your bed. Look for tactile fabrics such as velvet, faux fur and mock suede. The luxurious fabrics will bump up the warmth in your room and give you the perfect surface to rest your book on while sipping warm tea and listening to the rain.

Winter colours do not have to be drab and grey, you can look for cushions in juicy cranberry red, warm tangerine or gorgeous grape. If your bedroom is small, avoid dark colours as this can make the space appear even smaller. Opt for cushions in warming colours, and be sure to choose cushions that won’t  crowd the space. Sparkles and glitter are always good choices to cheer up a gloomy winter evening so choose cushions with a bit of shine on their surfaces.

Create a warm ambience with lighting

A cosy bedroom needs light, but not just any kind of light. To truly beat the winter blues, you need a subtle warm glow, rather than a harsh bright white light from a ceiling fixture. Now is the time to invest in desk lamps and floor lamps, being sure to look for warm white bulbs.

In a student residence, you are most likely unable to drill into walls to install softly lit wall sconces, but you can use candles to give your bedroom a comforting glow. Be sure you have enough lighting to study and finish your assignments with, but keep in mind the ambience you are trying to create. If you are burning candles, remember to blow them out before you fall asleep and air out your room so the smell of matches does not become overpowering.

Add an area rug

A rug on your bedroom floor can help to keep the room warm… and helps on those cold mornings when moving your feet out of bed onto an ice-cold floor sounds like the worst idea in the world.

You can match your rug to the curtains for sale in home decor stores or be completely original and choose a rug in a contrasting colour. A shag rug in a plush material or a sumptuous cotton rug are ideal for wintery nights, and a rug is practical for a dorm room. You will be able to take it with you when you move and pack it away when winter is over. Lighter colours show dirt, so choosing a darker colour is ideal if you are unable to regularly clean your rug.

Keep out the cold draughts

Curtains are an important design aspect in any bedroom, especially in colder weather. In a dorm room or student residence, you are not able to do much in the way of DIY but you can choose curtains in a thick, warm material that are lined to keep out any cold draughts.

Choose curtains in warm tones that match the rest of your colour scheme, and avoid bright patterns that draw the eye away from the other decor in the room. The best materials for winter curtains are velvet, flannel and a combination of wool and cotton.

Look for lined curtains to keep out the cold and ensure your room is cosy and welcoming. Heavy curtains are not ideal for warm weather, so be sure you have a set of curtains for when summer rolls around and brings sunnier days with it. Winter weather does not have to be all doom and gloom, with a warm bedroom you can while away the cold hours by studying in a warm bed under a toasty duvet.

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