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Qualifications that could get you a job in any company

Having to choose something to study before you even finish high school can be quite stressful. Especially if you don’t have a clear direction on where you want to go or what you want to do. Not everyone can afford to take a gap year, so a decision needs to be made.

Well, hopefully, by the end of this article you’ll have a clearer idea of which qualifications can really help out when it comes to finding a job almost anywhere in the country. The following qualifications are for positions that every company has (or should have), which is why we say it can get you a job in any company.

When it comes to choosing what to study, you need to have at least some interest in the topic. It’s important to enjoy what you’re learning and what you do. And if you’re worried about losing interest years down the line, there’s nothing stopping you from studying further and pursuing a new career path. What you decide to study now will provide you with valuable knowledge and experience that you’ll be referring back to for the rest of your career. Don’t ever see it as time or money wasted.

Human resources

If you enjoy working with people on an emotional level, then you may want to consider a human resources course. As a human resource manager, you will be a part of the recruitment process, conflict resolution and employee satisfaction processes. You may also undertake administrative and financial responsibilities for the company.

The attributes of a human resource manager include having motivational and leadership skills, negotiating and resolution skills, the ability to be objective and fair, have strong interpersonal skills and be approachable. In this career, you will operate within a variety of departments other than your own and constantly be presented with new scenarios and issues that need to be resolved. You become the go-to person in the office. Does that sound like you?

Every company needs an HR department for a variety of reasons, so you can choose which industry you want to work in and which company you want to work for. Provided there is an opening, that is.

Information technology

Technology is constantly developing and companies can’t afford to be left behind. If you were to study information technology, your profession could be part of the critical skills list which are skills and qualifications that a country desperately needs or is looking for. This will open a whole world of opportunities for you in that it has the potential to take you overseas.

If you have an analytical mind and are fascinated by technology, how it works and how it makes our lives easier, then you should study an IT course in South Africa. With this qualification behind your name, you’re looking after the future of your career as it will always be a relevant department and position in the world. It will constantly be changing and developing as technology does, but if you can handle the challenge and are always up for learning something new, then this is what you should be studying.

Financial accounting

If you’re good with numbers and balancing accounts, take your love for high school accounting further by doing a financial accounting qualification. Money is what makes the world go round and every company needs someone who can help them be on top of their finances at all times. Someone who will be able to advise them and manage their money for them in order to stay in business and make the most of business profits.

You could be that someone for almost any company of your choosing. You could even work as a freelance financial advisor for multiple companies.   

Office administration

If you’re really at a loss of what to study or do, you could always start at the bottom and work your way into an industry. Office administration is undervalued and it doesn’t have to be where your career starts and ends. By starting in an admin position, you very quickly become responsible for almost every person, department and interaction within and of the company.

This will give you a taste of what you enjoy the most and what you really don’t want to do again if it can be helped. This is insight into what you can study next and the experience from this position can be used to apply and land the next dream job. There are valuable skills to be learned in an office admin position and that kind of experience cannot be overlooked by recruiters.

Business management

And if you don’t like the idea of working for anyone at all, you could always study business management and start your own company. It will take time, research and a whole lot of money, but if done right, could be the best career decision you make.

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