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Must-know laundry secrets for young adults

Becoming an adult requires you to make responsible decisions. And one of them is doing laundry and investing in a high-quality, durable washing machine. Many people dread doing laundry while others love it, so surely the ones who do enjoy it are doing something right. If you’re on the other end of this stick and constantly seem to be performing slip-ups that lead to clothing damage, you need some help.

Buying a washing machine is a long-term investment for young adults. In fact, it’s one of the few must-have items when you settle into a new job and start your professional life. A good rule of thumb when searching for a washing machine is to analyse the options according to your lifestyle. You will need to choose between a top loader washing machine or a front loader washing machine. And, if possible, try to consider water and energy saving options for environmental and budgeting purposes.

Here are a few must-know laundry secrets to help you improve your laundry skills:

  • Know how to use your machine

Before you get started, read your manual and try to wrap your head around the different functions. Modern machines include several electronic features, and without reading the instructions, you could be missing out on the many benefits your machine could offer you. Any missed instructions could affect the way your machine washes your clothing or potentially jam it before you even test its performance.

  • Take note of the detail

Many instruction manuals and online tips recommend that you wash your clothes in cold water. This is considered a better option, not only for darker items, but cold water also ensures that the colour doesn’t fade as fast and it won’t shrink the fabric of your items. Many stains can easily be removed in the washing machine amongst other clothes, but if you do have a harsh stain that you want to remove, treat it before you add it to the pile in your washing machine. Should you feel that specific items are starting to fade, boost their colours with some vinegar. If you make use of vinegar in your clothing for the right reasons, you can soften the fabric and restore the colour to look brighter and feel better on your skin.

  • Don’t overuse detergent

The reason why a machine comes with a user’s manual is that it gives you the instructions on how to operate your machine for the best possible outcome. Don’t ignore the facts, each washing machine is different. Overusing detergents and washing chemicals in normal instances can destroy material and take away the softness. Limit the amount of detergent you use, and do not put the detergent in until you’ve loaded the machine to view the load size.

  • Clean your washing machine inside

If you’re using someone else’s washing machine and not your own, be sure to clean the machine inside beforehand so that your clothes don’t get dirty. If the machine gives off a strange smell inside, that is the smell that will move onto your clothing and cause them to smell too. Any dirt or mouldy bacteria in the machine can cause your clothing to wear out faster, so make sure you’ve done a routine check before you load the machine and start your cycle. It’s important to perform these checks on an old machine to avoid wasting water. Or, ultimately, look at purchasing your own top loader washing machine available for sale to avoid these issues.

  • Try to save on energy and time

Many machines come with several functions, namely time and litres used to complete the cycle. Make sure you choose the correct function for your load, to avoid water and electricity wastage. If you want to dry your clothing after it has been washed, it is advised that you hang it up on a clothes horse or washing line, in the fresh air,  rather than tumble drying your entire load from wet to dry. Specific fabrics and materials cannot be dried in a tumble dryer, so be sure to check your labels before you experience shrunken clothing.

  • Consider handwashing where necessary

When you learn how to wash clothing, you will quickly learn what type of items should be hand washed and what type of items are acceptable for the washing machine. Delicate fabrics can be damaged in between heavy washing machine loads, so if you want to prolong a specific item’s lifespan, hand wash it.

  • Invest in an effective laundry rack

To ensure a successful laundry experience, invest in a laundry rack and pegs to hang up your washing after you’ve washed it. If you’re renting a small apartment or even house sharing, most rental owners specifically ask tenants to not hang their washing over the balcony as it could disappear or set a bad reputation for the block of flats. In this case, purchase a fold up rack for easy storage. This way, you will have your own personal drying rack and each item will have sufficient space to dry.  

Easy as can be

In the beginning stages, washing laundry can be considered a nightmare, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing (or doing wrong for that matter). These secrets will help you to look after your garments and extend the life of your clothing that you work hard to purchase. Now that you’re in charge of washing your own clothing, be sure to take some pride and care in your machine and clothing.

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