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Published on August 31st, 2018 | by Jones


Why the modern-day worker requires tech skills (even if you don’t work in tech)

Each and every industry operates on some sort of digital technology. Whether it’s for admin-related purposes, automation or order processing, information technology courses are useful for people beyond web development and digital marketing roles. Having the relevant tech knowledge can offer business owners and employees a competitive edge and a means to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.

Some tech tasks are more in-depth than simply using Google Sheets to load and share information, but if you want to grow your skills and improve your career opportunities, it’s critical to educate yourself. Here are a few reasons why you should complete a part-time diploma in information technology:

You will become a better problem solver: No matter how many YouTube videos you have to watch to complete a particular task, technology encourages you to solve problems. Take coding, for instance, coders eliminate customers’ problems by translating the problem from words into codes that deliver a successful outcome. Many computer application software programs require users to undergo a problem-solving training process in some way or another, encouraging them to identify a problem and come up with various solutions. This approach can be used in real-life situations, as it teaches you how to overcome an issue.

Technology skills also teach you to have patience and to take initiative. The older generations can be extremely frustrated by technology and most times are not willing to learn how to use it because of the ‘complicated’ factor. If, however, they took the time to learn, they would understand how much easier it would make their lives. This goes for any similar situation. If you encounter a problem and don’t know how to solve it, you become instantly frustrated. But, if you take the time to try to solve it and learn from the issue, you would realise just how simple it was to solve. Once you understand how technology works and how to go about solving a problem, the more you will make sense of this ever-changing tool.

Technology allows you to access information instantly: By understanding technology and how to access the internet, you will be able to improve your knowledge and make smarter purchasing decisions. Whether you need to educate yourself to improve your worth in the market or want to inform yourself about interests that may add value to your life, you will be able to achieve this through technology.

Tech skills make you look good in the workplace: Many business owners rely solely on technology to run their businesses. If you’re looking for a new job, your technology skills and abilities will play in your favour to companies that value these skills. It will also make you a well-rounded employee.

You can save money by solving problems yourself: Once you understand technology, you will spend less money on sending your mobile phone or laptop in for services. Google’s help is a question away, so make use of this information before you spend money on fixing something you could fix yourself.

Technology adds value to your position: Making use of the various technologies and applications can help you to do your job better. The more you educate yourself about languages and platforms such as HTML, CSS or WordPress’ backend, the more people will rely on your knowledge and guidance to either do the job or help them to do the job. This will boost your leadership skills and add value to your role at the company.  

Technology makes you a better collaborator: In a personal and professional capacity, technology skills can improve your collaboration skills and help you to become more organised. Most digital companies require their employees to collaborate online with other departments, so if you are able to do so and make digital environments efficient, you’ll always be able to work well in-house or remotely.

Get ahead of your future with technology

There is no denying that technology is here to stay. Every industry is starting to become more empowered by, and reliant on, technology to help them work and operate competitively in the digital word. It’s important for employees to wrap their heads around these skills and complete one of the many information technology courses in South Africa to be able to adapt and integrate technology into everything that they do. Not only are these skills a game-changer for your worth, but if you use them correctly, you will be able to see massive improvements in your work and your communication abilities.

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