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Kitchen appliances and essentials for your first college apartment

Whether it’s your first college apartment and you need to stock up on the necessary kitchen appliances and utensils or it’s your existing stock that needs replacing, always make sure you have the basics covered. Most students think that they can simply get by with little to nothing. But, there are only so many readymade noodles and energy drinks you can consume before you need something more nutritional.

If you don’t have access to advice on what to purchase, you’ll be able to learn from the below checklist. However, before you go out and splurge on items, you need to make a pact that you’re going to cook and spend time in the kitchen. After buying pots, pans, dishes and more, you’ll need or make use of them. As you know, the stereotype of going to college means attending lots of parties, plenty of late nights and a little bit studying. But this doesn’t need to be the case for you, if you want to stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle by utilising your pots and cups for things other than noodles and coffee.

Here are a few tips to consider when looking to purchase kitchen goods:

  • Microwave, kettle and toaster

You won’t realise just how important a microwave is until you need to reheat leftover food or heat something up from scratch. Whether it’s to make some popcorn for a movie night with your new friends or to make those dreaded noodles every second evening, a microwave is a must-have kitchen essential for any young adult. This appliance will help you to keep your food warm or pre-cook food in an instant before you need to cook for a dinner party. It’s also ideal for heating up your coffee or tea during your study sessions or heating a bean bag when your neck gets sore from looking down at your laptop.

A toaster is also a practical item as you will probably be eating plenty of toast in place of cooked meals from time to time. And, in the morning, it’s always good to have something to eat with your coffee or tea before you set out onto campus and attend lectures for the whole day. You must also look at a kettle option. If you room with people, consider looking at urns for sale in Cape Town. An urn kettle is convenient when catering to large amounts of people, and it also keeps your water piping hot.

  • Set of knives and a cutting board

So, depending on what you’re studying, you might have some extra time to settle in at night and put together a delicious meal. In order to do so, you will need to have the correct cooking utensils such as a basic set of knives and a cutting board to cut your ingredients. Now, these utensils can be extremely pricey, depending on where you buy them and what range you choose to buy. Be realistic about your purchase, for example, if you know you’re not going to cook often, don’t buy something that costs you an arm and a leg. Do, however, make sure that you don’t waste your money on cheap essentials that will break after one use. After all, you would want your kitchen equipment to last for the duration of your studies.

  • Eating utensils and serving ware

Be realistic about the number of people who will be coming over for dinner and sharing meals with you. It’s not necessary to purchase an entire range of plates, side plates and bowls if you cannot afford it in the beginning stages. If you have large gatherings of people coming over, you should simply invest in some paper plates if need be. Otherwise, a realistic number of plates to have is four to six, with the same for cutlery. Buy six of each type of utensil, for example, butter knives, spoons, teaspoons and forks.

  • Strainer or colander

As a student, you’re likely to cook in bulk. So, one of the best meals to cook in bulk is pasta. It’s nutritional and filling, without being too expensive to put together. Make sure that you purchase a strainer or a colander for your pasta to drain it before adding any sauce. You will also be able to make use of your strainer or colander when washing off your greens to make a salad or preparing your fruit for a fruit salad.

  • Spatulas and wooden spoons

For the love of fried eggs, omelettes, wraps, burgers and, of course, pancakes and flapjacks, make sure that you invest in a spatula or two. This utensil is extremely versatile and can help you when you need to remove something hot from a pan and put it onto a plate. Because of the scraping design, a spatula can be used in place of a variety of other utensils until you’re able to afford the correct item. This is much the same for a wooden spoon. Its versatility can be used to mix and stir a broad range of foods.

  • Pots and pans

What is cooking without the actual pots and pans? Be sure to invest in an entry-level set that includes pots which are big enough to cook a lot of food at once. For instance, if you’re cooking for friends or your roommates, think about making big dishes such as pasta, stew or soup that can go a long way. If you are on your own, cook in bulk and eat from one pot of food for a few days.

  • Storage containers

To round up your basic college apartment needs, don’t forget to purchase plenty of Tupperware to store your food in. Tupperware always comes in handy when you want to store takeaway food or leftovers. These are usually microwave safe too and are a hygienic way to preserve food in the best possible.

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