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Myths about buying second-hand vehicles

There are so many people who are afraid or believe they can never find the right second-hand vehicle. People have a misconception when it comes to buying a second-hand vehicle. People tend to believe what they hear and don’t often read or do their own research. But, there are so many people who are happy with their second-hand vehicle. Here are a few myths about second-hand vehicles people shouldn’t believe.

You won’t get a good deal from a car dealership

Many people believe private sellers are better and affordable. But you can find used cars for sale at a dealership for a good price. Yes, you might see a good deal on a motoring news site but private sales are a lot more work than a dealership is. When you see a good deal you need to ask yourself why is the seller selling their car at such a low price?


In life, certain bargains can seem too good to be true. When searching for a special deal you can always rely on a trusted car dealer. You’re likely going to be sold a lemon car from a dealership. You can also trust that you aren’t buying a stolen vehicle when buying from a dealership. If you prefer looking at a car online, dealerships have websites for their business, allowing you to choose a vehicle at the comfort of your own home.

Second hands are risky

Some people would see a really good second-hand car for sale and would be too afraid to take it as they’re worried it won’t last. There are good cars being sold by dealerships such as reliable Mercedes Benz or Opel Isuzu cars that aren’t a risk.


Some people believe you only get lemon cars from a dealership but that isn’t the case. There are plenty of people who have bought second-hand vehicles and are happy. Before selling a vehicle, it has to qualify as a certified pre-owned vehicle and they should have the vehicles service report. All the documents you’re given will shed some light on the condition of the vehicle.

You have to buy the car you like immediately

People often believe that when you see a vehicle at a dealership that you have to buy it immediately or else you will lose the deal. This is not true, and you can take your time when shopping for a car regardless if it’s from a car dealership.


Yes, sales executives will want to make a sale, but you aren’t forced to buy it. You can shop around and see there aren’t any better deals and once you’re certain you can go buy it. Keep in mind that someone else might come along who is interested and offer the dealer a competitive price. This is how business works after all, but even if you lose out on that particular deal, remember that there will be others available.

Brand new cars are better

Consider that during your car search, you come across your dream car while looking at the latest car news but it’s too expensive. You could find that car at a dealership for a much lower price, you can save and get your dream car. Many vehicles sold at a dealer are often good quality and can still be under warranty. Just make sure you know how long your vehicle is still under warranty for and what will it cover. Also, make sure you ask the dealership whether the vehicle is actually still under warranty.

You can get car finance or insurance

You can get financed and receive car insurance on a second-hand vehicle. Many people struggle to get financing when buying a pre-owned vehicle but that’s not the case. Lenders will offer you vehicle finance if you are approved, although financing and insurance will depend on how long the car has been around. If you are in need of financing, it would be best to contact your lender first and find out if you qualify.

You should only buy a vehicle with low mileage

When you’re buying or selling your vehicle people always ask about the mileage of the vehicle. People believe that buying a vehicle with a low mileage means your second-hand vehicle is in good condition. But that isn’t the case, the condition of a vehicle depends on its maintenance and how well the previous drive took care of it.  If you are planning on purchasing a second-hand vehicle, ask to see the service history report. The service history report will give you all the information you need about the car and how well it had been looked after.

Used vehicles don’t have a resale value

As mentioned previously, a second-hand car can be just as good as a new model. There are many second-hand vehicles sold in South Africa every day. If you have looked after your second-hand vehicle then there is no reason why you can’t get your resale value.

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