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What are the benefits of learning to play an instrument?

Music is the food of love, so we should all learn how to play on. And learning how to play a musical instrument has many benefits, such as improving your mental health as well as increasing your social circle. You will also improve your memory, as you will need to learn new notes and chords with each lesson you have.

You might have heard live music at coffee shops and even pet shops in Cape Town, which has sparked an interest in learning how to play an instrument. You will find many different music shops in Cape Town selling instruments such as guitars, drums, and even pianos. To learn about why you should learn to play a musical instrument, keep reading below to find out.

Your IQ will be boosted

Your IQ can be improved by learning to play an instrument, because your hearing, motor skills, information storage and memory will be stimulated and will improve. You will find that you can remember more, retaining more information.

For young children and adults, taking classes to learn to play an instrument can significantly improve your cognitive abilities. It can be helpful for those who might have developmental problems as it will help them to improve their mental abilities. Look for an instrument that you enjoy listening to, such as the guitar, and find out about classes in your area.

Improve how you manage your emotions

For many of us, listening to music can help to reduce stress. And learning how to play an instrument can significantly reduce your stress which is linked to many emotional issues that you might be facing. You will feel calmer and more at ease when studying the notes and chords of the instrument.

Not only will your stress levels decrease, but your creativity will increase and you will become more productive at work and at school. Having a musical hobby will help you to unwind after a difficult day and you will also be building a skill. This will allow you to work through any tough emotions you might be experiencing in a productive and constructive way.

You can meet new people

Music brings people together, and going to classes will also help you to meet new people. You will be able to meet people who are like-minded and who are also learning something new, allowing conversations to flow easily and revealing to you the value of working in a team or with people who are different to you.

You will also find that your leadership and team-building skills improve, which are vital for succeeding in the workplace. Meeting new people will improve your confidence and social interactions, which can help those who might be introverted or socially awkward. Sign up for classes in your local area and you can meet people who live nearby who might become fast friends.

Your organisational skills will improve

When learning an instrument, you need to have the ability to use your time wisely, because you will be practising to reach the goal of mastering the instrument. And you need to keep your sheet music and other paraphernalia organised and easy to access for lessons.

This will make you a more organised person, which can be useful in many situations. You will find that you are better at managing your time and that you can complete tasks on time and without any issues. You should look for an instrument which encourages these skills, such as the guitar or piano and ask for tips from your teacher on how to become more organised.

You will become more creative

In the same way that music improves organisational skills, you will also find that it improves your creativity. This is because, once you have learnt chords and notes, you will be able to put together your own songs and create music that speaks to you. You will have learned a new skill and you can use this to build your creativity and innovation.

If you are learning a specific song or piece of classical music, you will be able to put your own mark on it and improve your creative skills. You might even work towards composing your own music based off of a song you have learned. Look for songs that speak to you or artists who you enjoy listening to and put your own spin on a song or two to improve your skills and to start your creative juices flowing.

It’s a lot of fun

Learning how to play a musical instrument can be extremely fun and exciting. You can spend hours learning how to play your favourite songs, or you can even write and perform your own. You will find that your memory skills improve and you are less stressed. You can meet new people and become more organised, all the while letting your creative juices flow.

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