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The concept for mystartinlife.co.za took just less than a year to develop but the passion and true belief in this concept is a reflection of feelings driven by what i have seen and experienced over the past decade.

The main concept focusing solely on dreams and specifically the lack there of. Having dreams is so important while growing up, and often certain circumstances don’t give young people the opportunity to dream, like family issues, negative people or un-achieving dream crushers. Whether you are ten 20 or 60, there is always an opportunity for you to dream, put your mind to something, set goals and make those dreams reality. For more info on the importance of setting goals and realizing dreams, visit DIE DROOM KAMER.

Education is another segment that is strongly focused on, the importance of continuous education, not just learning because you must, but learning because you want to. Reading the newspaper, reading books, watching something with meaning, learning everything about what it is you are passionate about. With jobs being as scarce as they are, more and more employers are not only looking for qualified individuals, but individuals that constantly want to learn more, to better themselves. This site is filled with educational material, from videos, how to dress to an interview, random pieces of info, did you know that India is the poorest country in the world, 12% of Doctors in America come from India. Articles for students, by students, while learning, support your friends and the next generation of South African writers, photographers and videographers. Visit Student Life, Students

What to study, I asked myself this only 1000 times throughout High School, and by the time I got to Matric I was just as clueless as I was when I started grade 8. For those of you that find yourself in the same situation or “I kind of know”, rather be sure, than regret the next 3,4,5 years of your life. Make sure you know what you’re chasing, the money, the fame, the quietness of the job, the adventure and once you discover that, be all you can be and start writing your own success story. To make the decision of what to study a little easier we have included, “A day in the life of…” here you will find every* profession that’s out there, a detailed description on what it is all about, what the job entails, and possible benefits of the field. There will also be videos for a more in-depth look into these professions.* Check out Matrics

Where to study, Another question that phased me throughout High School, you first have to know what before you can decide where, once you have discovered what, then you have to look at possible funds available to you, am I going to need transport, do all institutions offer the same courses, will I be getting the same qualification if I studied from home. Have a look at our page, courses on offer for some guidance as to where to study what. Please note that most education institutions have downloadable brochures of their courses on offer and the fees attached.*

Bursaries and Scholarships, many students think that you have to be amazing academically in order to even apply for a bursary, which is not true. What you need is the right attitude, belief in yourself, and the motivation of the end result, your graduation. When someone gives you a bursary they are saying to you, “We believe in you, we know you can do it, so put your mind to it, work hard and don’t make us regret giving you all this money”. Another problem we face is where to apply for bursaries and being too scared to go out and look for them, to ask questions and be asked questions, will really make the task that much harder. For info on how to apply, where to apply, why to apply visit out segment Bursaries and Scholarships and start you journey off right.

Jobs, “jobs are very scarce” is what lazy people say, yes the reality is that there are fewer jobs readily available, but that should not de-motivate you, or stop you from applying. Sitting back and waiting for opportunities these days, is like waiting for a bus at the train station, it’s never going to come. Stay positive, be proactive, go out there, and use every medium available for looking for jobs. Go to the newspapers, speak to friends, approach companies, speak to friends parents, and raid the internet.

“To be head hunted, or to look for work, it’s much more fun to have prospective employers come looking for you, than for you to go looking for work” by Jenny Handley. Work on your self-profile, make people want you, make them know that you are the right person for the job. Build your personal profile on My Start in Life, upload your CV, exam results, use our online testing centre and post your results, feel at ease that all your sensitive documents will only be available to the people that need to view them, your prospective employers. Register now!

Community, the community are your fellow students, your neighborhood friends, foes and acquaintances. Many students know that help is needed, in underprivileged communities especially, but they don’t know what they can do to help. What’s really important to us is, that it is not just the underprivileged communities that need help or guidance. There are students from all walks of life that struggle with finding work, creating opportunities, realizing their dreams. The privileged in this case are those that found a dream, that know what they want to study, that are passionate about something and will let nothing stop them from pursuing it. Jump on board, on your off day at College, go on school visits with My Start in Life, speak to younger kids, find out what they are interested in, and inspire, inspire, inspire.

My Start in life is about some much more, and we will always be up for suggestions that could positively contribute to this awesome concept. Please remember that dreams are important, and that this website will not guide you step by step through the processes involved in reaching your specific dream, but this medium can provide you with the needed inspiration, motivation and education so that you can build your own adventure, create your own opportunities, we’ll give little pointers of how to go about setting goals, the rest will be up to you.

“Be all you can be, that’s all” Jared Buckley

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